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Universal Sorbent Socks

Available In Multiple Configurations For All Applications


·         Pnucor Filtration manufactures our own universal sorbent socks


·         With the ability to absorb both petroleum-based liquids and water, they are practical for any application, no matter the size



·         Pnucor Filtration’s universal sorbent socks hold up to 20 times their own weight for optimal absorbency


·         Universal sorbent socks can be made to your required diameter, length, and weight for all custom applications


·         Custom packaging for OEM applications or your requirements


·         Rush shipping is available



Our universal sorbent socks offer users maximum absorbency for cleaning up all petroleum-based spills. Our universal sorbent socks are proven to absorb petroleum-based liquids and water, making them an effective tool for all industrial, automotive, and manufacturing applications. They are used for many applications, including leak absorption and drip control, and can be used during emergency spills for fast, easy clean-up. We manufacture our universal sorbent socks in a variety of weights and sizes, so we have the right solution for your application.


Building a Part Number

Universal Sorbent Sock













                Diameter – In Inches


BUS – Universal Sorbent

T -  Tube 


All lengths in feet
















Example – Polypropylene Sock, 3"X4', Universal
Part # - UST34





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