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 Sorbent Media

Pnucor Filtration offers a wide array of sorbent products to fit any application



Pnucor Filtration manufactures sorbent media in a variety of shapes, forms, and sizes 


Oil only, Hazmat and universal sorbents are available


Custom cut pads and pre-perforated rolls are made in house, and     can be made to nearly any specification. Pnucor Filtration also manufactures sorbent sheet rolls and pre-cut pads for nearly any application. These too are available in both oil-only and universal absorbency, and are good for both clean-up, and preventative uses. A pad placed under a known drip in your shop not only protects your floor, but eliminates a potential slipping hazard. Our pads and rolls can be laminated, dimpled, and perforated to your specifications, based on your application.


Booms and socks can be made to size and application. Whether for a drip in the shop, or an oil spill, we can fit your needs. Our custom made booms and socks are available in both oil-only and universal absorbency, and can be made to fit any application. They are practical for a small spill in manufacturing, and can handle large jobs, such as surface spills on water, and traffic based spills. They are as versatile as they are effective. 


Pnucor Filtration offers two types of “point-of-spill” floor sorbents, each specialized to maximize absorbency for floor spills. In an effort to be ready for any spill, large or small, Pnucor filtration also offers two types of “point-of-spill” sorbents. These are ideal for a small spill, and are much more cost-effective than traditional corn-cob based products. With absorbency up to eight times its own weight, these sorbents prove useful in smaller applications. They can also be coupled with our socks to isolate and remove larger spills.







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