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625 HF Series High Flow


All elements are 5 layer construction for maximum pleat support and dirt loading.


Product Information

Pnucor offers the highest grade, 90% and 99.98% efficient elements on the market today

Our media is manufactured in-house under strict guidelines to ensure consistency and maximum dirt loading

In-house lamination and calendaring of our medias allow us to control the final media grades

Complete in-house testing with a Capillary Flow Porometer guarantees a superior and consistent product

With 8 micron ratings and multiple lengths and 4 end cap configuration to ensure we produce the element you require

Elements have thermally bonded end caps and ultrasonic welded media seams for a one piece construction

Final, one piece construction up to 40” long ensures zero bypass

We install the maximum amount of media in each filter without pleat binding for increased dirt loading capacity

Elements are 100% polypropylene—media, inner and outer supports mesh and end caps

Elements meet FDA Title 21 regulations for food and water contact

Cartridges are constructed in a clean room environment

Cartridges may be ordered as final rinsed with 18 mega ohm water

We offer inside out OR outside in flow pattern for your specific housing application.

Longer service life equals reduced maintenance and downtime


Product Specifications


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